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Here are a few home elevation work photos from High & Dry structural home elevation construction projects. We also offer more photos in each of the services sections as well.

About High and Dry House Raising
 | Home Elevation Monmouth County NJ 

High and Dry House Raising LLC is a home elevation construction company based in Manasquan at the NJ Shore in Monmouth County NJ. We specialize in house raising and lifting – including on-location or on- site moving, helical pile foundation system installation, steel building construction, many phases of ironwork, as well as bulkhead and seawall construction.

High and Dry House Raising LLC is acknowledged & registered by NJ DCA. A recently passed New Jersey law requires that house lifting contractors meet certain criteria for insurance coverage, equipment, and experience. The law states that house raising companies must receive a registration number from the state to be able to engage in any structural elevations. High and Dry House raising LLC has gone through this process and is one of the very few legally registered house lifting contractors in New Jersey. When discussing a project with a house lifting contractor be sure they have the HEC registration number to ensure proper ability and insurance. Our New Jersey State HEC Registration is: #13HE00003100


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