High and Dry House Raising LLC acknowledged & registered by NJ DCA

A recently passed New Jersey law requires that house elevation and lifting contractors meet certain criteria for insurance coverage, equipment, and experience. In order to be acknowledged and registered by NJ DCA, the law states that house lifting companies must receive a registration number to be able to engage in any structural elevations.

High and Dry House Raising LLC has gone through this process, and is one of the very few legally registered house lifting contractors in New Jersey.  High and Dry House Raising is fully acknowledged and registered by NJ DCA.

Be sure your contractor has the HEC registration and number to insure proper ability and insurance, and not operating under the number of another company.

house raising and elevation in Monmouth county - NJ DCA registration

Our New Jersey State HEC Registration is: #13HE00003100

About High and Dry House Raising | Home Elevation Monmouth County NJ

High & Dry House Raising is an AISC Certified Home Elevation construction contractor specializing in Steel Erection for Structural Elevation. Steel Erection is used in the construction of warehouses, schools and a wide range of 2-3 story commercial and residential buildings.

With top-of-the-line equipment and employing certified welders and iron workers, you can trust our crew to exceed your standards and expectations while getting a job done right.

As with any project, safety is our number one priority when working around heights. Our team undergoes rigorous training each year and is qualified in accordance with all safety regulations.

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