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House Raising Home Elevation Services Manasquan Monmouth County NJ Ocean County NJEach year, areas around the country experience high volumes of surge and rain, causing local rivers, drainage runoff, and streams to fill and overflow. And as a result, investment in house raising (house lifting, structural elevation) becomes a necessary consideration

In 2012, Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast with high winds, record storm surges, and pouring rain, leaving entire communities flooded.

And folks, House Raising, Home Elevation or Home Lifting is the best way to keep you home High and Dry! High and Dry House Raising LLC is based in Manasquan, NJ. We are lifelong NJ residents; we live in and work from Manasquan. We have raised our homes as well as our neighbors’ homes, and we also hire local people. ‘High and Dry’ helps homeowners in Monmouth County, Ocean County, all over the New Jersey shore, as well as the areas of NJ where there is water.

Structural Elevation Keeps Homes High and Dry


Structural elevation is a common corrective measure, which is effective in both preventing and/or reducing flood damage to a home or property. Lifting your home (or lifting business property) above the flood level will give your property the added protection that it needs from both storm surges and flood water. Raised homes in high-risk flood areas are also more valuable to prospective buyers, they will sell faster compared to homes that have not been elevated.

house raising structural elevation contractor monmouth county and ocean county njWe have the capability to raise a home anywhere from 6 inches to 16 feet or more, depending on your needs. Regardless of the height, ‘High and Dry House Raising’ will handle your property as if it were our own, ensuring that the job is done properly the first time. 

Monmouth County Ocean County NJ Services Offered by ‘High And Dry’


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