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Helical Piles Monmouth County NJHelical Piles are constructed using steel shafts with helical flights. Piles are typically used when the upper soil in a specific area cannot support the weight of a planned structure and a greater depth is necessary. Many of us have actually seen Helical Piles in use with telephone poles, where a steel cable (e.g. the guy-wire) runs down on an angle into the ground. That cable is attached, drilled in deep for the tension necessary to prevent leaning

The Helical Pile is very similar to a screw and a piece of wood; just as a screw pulls itself into wood using the shape of its threads, it pulls itself into the earth as it is turned. The ‘screwdriver’, in this case, is a very strong hydraulic driver attached to a piece of equipment. And just as a screw gets harder to turn as it gets deeper into the wood, a Helical Pile gets stronger and tighter as it gets deeper into harder and tighter soil.

High & Dry House Raising uses Helical Piles for not only securing the foundation of an elevated home but also for leveling, Bulkheads, deck piers and retaining walls! 

Helical Piles Used For Homes | Central New Jersey Foundation Repair

Helical Piles are referenced in construction projects using several different names such as ‘mechanical piles’, ‘helicals, ‘helical piers’, ‘earth anchors’, ‘earth screws’ and/or ‘soil screws’. The names will vary some depending on use, for instance, to provide the support necessary to stop a structure from sinking or for tension, in order to stop something from rising or pulling up and out. Sometime they are used for both, especially in areas where flooding and/or inferior sub soils exist.

For residential homes, they will stop the structure both from sinking in wet soil and/ or floating away in a flood.

Common Helical Pile Applications

High And Dry House Raising installs Helicals most regularly for

A. Structural Foundation Support
B. Structural Foundation Leveling
C. Deck Piers, Instead of footings
D. Retaining Walls and Bulkhead Tie Backs

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